Valentine Joe by Rebecca Stevens

“Rose’s dad was thirty-eight when he died… For months after, Rose had the same dream… Dad was there, looking just the same. And he’d grin and shrug and say: ‘It was all a mistake!’… And then she’d wake up… and realise it was a dream”

When Rose has to go with her Grandad to visit her relation in Belgium, she doesn’t want to go. For the past year she’s been wrapped inside of herself because of the death of her father, and she doesn’t want Belgium to bring back any memories. But when she does go, she meets a dog, and everything goes out of hand. All at once, she is living her life during World War One, and during that life she meets a soldier. Valentine Joe. But how can this be? Only a day ago Rose was in the modern world of technology. Rose has no idea what has happened to her but all she needs to do is follow the trail of Joe and his dog’s footsteps and figure out how to get back.

This book really is entrancing, and so vivid that it’s unbelievable how small it is (150 pages!). I love all of the characters, and especially the twist at the end that made me want to laugh and cry at the same time. I am actually quite speechless by it. I really recommend it as it is the type of book you can read in a day (preferably sitting on a sofa eating a square of choc or a knob of cheese), and it is for girls aged 12+. The publisher is Chicken House. I rate it 4 stars.


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