Why We Took The Car by Wolfgang Herrndoff

“When someone doesn’t have any nicknames, it’s for one of two reasons. Either you’re incredibly boring and don’t get any because of that, or you don’t have any friends… But there is one other possibility: you could be boring and have no friends. And I’m afraid that’s my problem.”

Mike is a rich, but normal boy living in Berlin. No nicknames. No friends. The reason why: Mike is boring. Extremely boring. Until Andrej Tschischaroff showed up. Filthy, quiet and drunk, Tschick made quite a disturbance. Everyone knew him, but he made no effort making friends. After a while, the teachers knew he came in to school drunk, but no one did anything to stop him. As for Mike, he hated Tschick as much as anyone else did. But then, unexpectedly, Tschick takes a liking to Mike’s jacket and, with a snap of the fingers, they are friends. They go on a road adventure, wanting to be the boys they have always dreamed of. They meet friends and foes who are all slightly crazy- who wouldn’t when you’re driving around Berlin in a battered Lada, trying to find an unknown town? Without warning, Tschick and Mike are met with a horrific catastrophe and their dream ends. What will they do now?

The plot of this book is absolutely exceptional! The idea of two thirteen year old boys stealing a car and driving into the middle of nowhere is just mind blowing when compacted into a book, with support from the writing of Herrndoff. For me, I felt the whole book was too brief and, if it meant that the characters were more detailed, should be longer. I may just be very critical, but this is my view so if anyone has read this book and thinks differently, please comment below. Apart from that, Why We Took The Car is great. The age range for me is 13+, for boys mostly, but as you can see I enjoyed it to. The publisher is Anderson Press and the translator is Tim Mohr. I give this book a 4 and 1/2 star.


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