There Is No Dog by Meg Rosoff

“And Bob said, Let there be light. And there was light. But it wasn’t very good light. He tried Roman candles, sparklers, neon tubes and glow sticks, fireflies, tea lights, spotlights and flares. Followed by gigantic crystal chandeliers. Bob thought his creations were very cool. They were very cool, but they didn’t work.”

Lets get this straight: God isn’t a middle aged gentle man with a beard. God is a teenager called Bob. He is spotty, awkward and craving for girls. You can probably guess why Earth is in a big puddle of mess.
Bobs partner is Mr. B. Mr. B does all of the hard and boring work when Bob goes out on dates every single week with a gorgeous girl. So, when Bob meets Lucy and falls in love with her Mr. B is not happy. Disaster strikes when tsunamis, hailstorms and volcanoes are created amidst Bobs daze. Will Bob ever realise that he needs to make Earth better, and soon?

This book is so funny its almost ridiculous. The characters made are amazing: all of them very exaggerated, especially Mr. B (the grumpiest person on Earth) and Lucy (the most beautiful person on Earth). The plot is also very ridiculous, but I like it a lot because Rosoff made me think about stuff like: ‘What if God were a teenager?’. I would say this book is for young adults, both boys and girls, and the Publisher is Penguin.

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