Never Ending by Martyn Bedford

‘Waking in the dark chill before dawn, she imagined her first glimpse of the swimming pool, shimmering at their journey’s end’

Siobhan’s life changes forever when she goes to Greece for a family holiday. Nothing can change what happened to Shiv’s brother. Her dad has tried everything in order to make Shiv be like what she was before, but nothing works…until she enters the Korsakoff Clinic.

I had never heard of Martyn Bedford, so I didn’t know what to expect when this book came in the post – but am I glad that I’ve read it! The plot and characters are so good and believable that, when I was reading it I couldn’t believe that Bedford had thought of this amazing idea. My favourite character is Shiv, her witty talk and humble mind make me smile. I also like Caron (the sassy red-dressed girl who hides cigarettes in her knickers) and Mikey (even though he doesn’t look like it, Mikey is good natured and stays with Shiv). The book reminds me of a spider’s web: the main story right in the centre which branch out into sub-stories and sub-sub-stories. I give this a five star because of the build up to the climax and the incredible characters made. The age range is 13+ as there are some mature descriptions. The publisher is Walker Books.


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