Half My Facebook Friends Are Ferrets by J.A.Buckle

Josh Walker is a fifteen year old ‘rock star’ who is obsessed with ferrets (especially his pet ferret, Ozzy) and surrounded by nerdy friends- Davey, Ollie and Peter, who is almost certainly gay. It is nearing Josh’s G.C.S.E’s and he is meant to be revising; but instead Josh is desperately trying to find his true love and playing on his eight-year-old guitar. In the meantime, he is working in the Duck (something or other) with a hot waiter called Michelle. Will Josh ever have long hair? Will he fail his G.C.S.E’s? And, most importantly, will he ever kiss a girl who is not a relative, very old, very young, or covered in fur???

This very funny book is great in a simple way: when I read it I thought that it actually was a teenagers diary. Very lifelike and realistic, this book will make you laugh, smile, and frown in disgust (in the best way possible). I love the twist at the end and how it changes the course of the story completely. A must read if you like Diary of a Wimpy Kid: a four star. The publisher is Curious Fox and the age range is 13+. This book is mostly for boys but it can be appealing and funny for girls too!


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