The Dark Inside by Rupert Wallis

Run. And James did. Through the gap in the garden fence. Not stopping even after the bellowing of his stepfather had wasted in the wind and there was nothing but the whip of grass across his shins.”

James is a boy living with his horrible stepfather and his countless girlfriends. Sometimes the only way to push thoughts away is to run from the source of the thoughts. And that’s what James does. Runs to the only place far enough from his stepfather: an abandoned house on the top of a hill. But one day, when James arrives at the house, he finds a homeless old man on the brink of death, he knows that his life will (somehow) turn upside down if he helps the man. Soon after, James goes through a series of amazing adventures to find a cure for his friend, pursued by some nasty characters the whole way.

An amazing book with a good plot, The Dark Inside very gripping. I think the best part of it is how fantasy is also mixed into reality, which, although sounds simple, is actually quite hard to achieve. I would rate it a four star because parts of it are quite boring. The publisher is Simon and Schuster and the age range is 10+.


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