My Writing: The Monster Takes A Breath

This story is one I wrote for a writing competition at school; here is the first part of it. Enjoy!

The true monster knocked Earth’s door in 1914. Its bony hands crushed thousands of humans, its soul devoured homes and left the remaining ruins scattered everywhere. I watched it demolish the world. Others call the monster Death, but I never do as it is so much more than Death, so much more powerful. The real name, the name it has always been, is World War 1.

This is not a story of the terrible things that happened during the conflict of World War 1. This story is of the day something amazing happened. I am an old man now and my writing is not particularly great, but I still have a little of the talent of when I was a lad. So, I have decided to write it down, to trap that memory for many more years to come. This is the story of a miracle.


24th December, 1914

The view from the trenches was astonishing. Everywhere I looked there were signs of war. No Man’s Land was stretched out before me in a never ending line, until both sky and ground merged together in blurry dots. There were dead bodies. Dead bodies with expressions frozen on their faces, expressions of fear. The thought that always haunts me when I look out onto No Man’s Land is that all of these men had families. They had children. They had lives.

I looked at the soldiers on either side of me, raring to go. I looked at our Colonel, Colonel Ricards, his finger on the trigger, his hand on the whistle. I looked into my mind and I saw my mother, smiling at me, mouthing something that I couldn’t hear. I looked at the monster.

“What the bloody ‘ell do you think you’re doing, Nathaniel ‘arred?! Stop day- dreaming, be a real man for once and get the ‘ell out a ‘ere!”

My eyes snapped open. I had to go to the centre of the chaos, right into the heart of the monster. I saw that I had to go. So I went.

It was over. I felt the bullet ripping through my right arm, the blood pouring to the ground. I fell. This is the end, I sighed.

The whole world went black.

Next part coming soon.


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