Numbers by Rachel Ward

Jem has an amazing secret that has been with her all her life, a secret that is so big that if she tells her life will be changed for ever. The secret is Jem sees people’s death dates. Before her mum died, Jem saw ‘random’ numbers whenever she looked someone in the eye. When her mum took an overdose she knew the numbers showed date of deaths. So when Spider, a boy in her class, showed interest in Jem and started to hang out with her, she found it funny that his date of death was so near, so soon. One day, when Jem brought a knife into school and got caught, her and Spider walked into London in high spirits. But when Jem neared the London Eye and saw people’d numbers, she knew something was wrong. All of the people in the cue had the same numbers. The same day. Today. Only one thought was running through Jem’s head; get out of here.

One of the best books I have ever read, Numbers is a love story packed with action, thrills and adventure. I was gripped on my first reading and am still amazed by it on the third reading. I think it is so gripping because Rachel Ward does a special technique only a few writers can manage; twists around literally every corner. Just when I think Jem is fine, another problem occurs. I really recommend this book to anyone; it is so good. Also, although the protagonist is a girl boys would love it too (trust me they would!). The age range is for teenagers because there is some swearwords and sexual references, but if that’s ok with your parents children would definitely understand it; the writing is very easy. The publisher is Chicken House. I would rate it a four and a half stars. It is a series of three.

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