Gemma by Noel Streatfeild

The Robinson’s family(The parents, Alice and Philip, and their children, Ann, Robin and Lydia) live in a plain road and work in a plain school with ordinary lives; you would think their relatives were plain too, wouldn’t you? But no! Alice’s sister is Rowena, an actress well known in Hollywood. Rowena has a daughter called Gemma who is also an actress from very early ages. When Rowena is offered a contract to play the main role in a film in America and accepts, Gemma is sent packing to the Robinson’s. Will Gemma, the sophisticated film star, get on with the ordinary Robinson’s? Will she lose all of her reputation as an actress? Will people think she is a washed up star?

This book is was one of my Mum’s favourite books when she was a child and is one of mine now. Although the plot is very simple, it’s a nice read. Gemma is a series of four books; Gemma, Gemma and Sisters, Gemma Alone and Goodbye Gemma. I have just finished the third book and have really got into it. I would say the age range is about 10+ and mostly for girls. The publisher is Lions.


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