Tinder by Sally Gardner

“Once in a time of war, when I was a soldier in the Imperial Army, I saw Death walking. He wore upon his skull a withered crown of white bone twisted with green hawthorn. His skeleton was shrouded in a tattered cloak of gold and in his wake stood the ghosts of my comrades, newly plucked, half-lived, from life. Many I knew by name.”

Otto Hundebiss is a soldier, his family murdered by the enemies of his country. He comes to stumble upon a forest with pain shooting through his body, where a mysterious man with a wolf mask tends to his wounds. The wolf man sets Otto off with five dice which he promises will show the way. Almost as soon as he starts the epic adventure, Otto meets a woman with fiery red hair, called Safire. He is with her for a short while, their friendship and love growing stronger every second they are together. As suddenly as she comes, Safire is gone, and Otto now embarks on a tricky quest to find his love, coming across many strange and scary things…

Wow! When I read the first paragraph, shown above, I was astounded and grew even more so until I had finished the book. The pictures are enchanting (I would actually be satisfied if I just had the pictures, that’s how good they are) and the plot is amazing. I would recommend it to anyone because I am, sure that absolutely anyone would enjoy it. I think readers would have to be 11+ because my brother, who is currently reading it now and is 10 years old, is enjoying it but he says some of the words are quite hard. Definitely a five star, Tinder’s words and pictures have grown to the top of my book list. The publisher is Orion Books.



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