The Isobel Journal by Isobel Harrop – A Graphic Novel

“Every so often I feel like a princess. My Dad gives me tea in a princess mug- he knows me too well”

This is a witty book that is topped with at least ten different emotions. It is about the author when she was eighteen. Isobel collected bits of her old diaries and pieced them together to make a charming graphic novel. On the front cover it says, ‘Just a Northern girl from where nothing really happens’, but actually I think quite a lot of small things happen in the book, and she has a nice life, supported by friends and family. It is divided into three sections; the first is titled Me, the second is Friends, Otters, College and Art, and the final chapter is titled Love, all of which are embroidered with interesting pictures and stories. This book would be enjoyed the most by teenagers and adults, as me and my mum both read it. The publisher is Hot Key Books. I read it in about half an hour so I would say it’s to be read in one day, so a short read. I rate it a four star.

‘This book is head and eye and mind bliss.’ LAURA DOCKRILL

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