Tape by Steven Camden

“Hello? Is it on? Yeah, I can see the light. It’s on. I’m starting again. It’s recording.”

It is 1993, and Ryan lives with his step-mum and Dad, along with Nathan, his step-brother. His Mum has died. Ryan’s lie is starting to crumble away, like autumn leaves in winter, so he decides to tape record to his Mum. He won’t allow anyone to see it. Just him and Mum. If she was even there. At school, he sees a new girl with an Irish accent. There is something vaguely familiar about her. Still he presses on with his recorded diary, talking to his Mum when things get worse. His Mum should be the audience, but it isn’t.

It is 2003, and Ameliah picks up an old tape recorder with bulky buttons. She listens, and hears a boy’s voice speaking. But it isn’t just any random boy she is hearing. It’s Ryan. And Ryan isn’t any random old boy. Not to Ameliah.

An outstanding book that has so many genres and stories twisted into one blinding story it is amazing. The characters are great and the plot is a hundred plots wound up. I think Steven Camden is an author who will write many more books to come, as Tape is so good. It is quite easy to read so I would give the age range as 11+ and the publisher is Harper Collins. This is definitely a 5 star. Outstanding.



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