Are Kindles better than books?

This post is a question asked by many and I have been thinking about it for ages. I have come to a decision that ‘drum roll’ books are better than Kindles. The following back up reasons will tell you why;


Kindles came out very recently and I remember my mum was given one for her work. From then they have been a big hit all over the world and have influenced other technology gadgets, such as  Kobo’s. I do have one and my one was one of the first to come out, no games, just books you can buy and read. I was excited at first to see if they were better, but after a while I started reading books again. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of Kindles.


1. You can keep more than one book on a Kindle.

2. It is light and compact, making it easier to bring than books.

3. You can change the font size of the book you are reading, making it easier to read if you are long or short sighted.

4. You can keep track of where you are in books.

5. You can browse and buy books on the Kindle, which is good because you don’t have to go anywhere.

6. You can also get games on more recent Kindles.

7. The books on Kindles are often cheaper than buying proper books.

8. They are easier to travel with


1. They are expensive.

2. They can break easily.

3. They are not waterproof.

4. Often there are no pictures (in children’s books)

5. It could run out of power midway through a gripping book

6. After reading for a long time it hurts your eyes

7. Some Ebooks don’t have authors note or about the author or acknowledgements which I think is crucial to a book

8. Some books fail to download

9. Sometimes I feel as if I can’t get into the book as much as proper books …..



Alas books! I love books, not just what is inside of them but what they look like, smell like and feel like. Since I was very, very young I have read books and never thought of books on an electronic gadget since about two years ago. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of books.


1. They have blurbs.

2. The feel of turning the pages is lovely

3. Some books smell differently, like some of my new, crisp books smell like butter and older books smell more like a dusty attic!

4. Sometimes books hold a sentimental value to some people

5. You can keep books for a long time

6. You can collect them and keep them all on one shelf

7. They have proper covers

8. They are harder to lose

9. You can get short stories inside books by the same author which is pretty cool

10. You can get books at a library to read for free


1. The paper can tear easily

2. Some books are heavy so quite hard to travel with

3. The paper are made from trees


I think this shows that Kindles are convenient to travellers who have a small home, so they can’t keep a lot of books, and who are quite busy. But, books have been made for hundreds of years and I think everyone agrees that books are way better. They smell, feel, and look nice, as well as that they are very tempting to read. I am slightly worried that in a few years electronic things are going to take over all the old fashioned but awesome stuff. People will forget how to write as pen and paper in schools will be swapped with iPads and books will be forgotten. Even if this happens, I will stand by books the whole way. There is nothing like relaxing on a sofa eating a biscuit and reading one of your favourite books!


2 thoughts on “Are Kindles better than books?

  1. ghostgirl1916 says:

    I have my own Kindle too but I think that at first most people recommended kindles because they were slightly educational but it’s basically turned into a gaming device. However as you said kindles are not waterproof, neither are most books and also you said books can be kept for a kind time but kindles can too. Although even though the trees must be cut down to get books, I prefer books to kindles.

    • thesweetreview says:

      Thanks for commenting! Well, books can be sort of waterproof, because it can dry in the sun, which Kindles obviously can’t! Same with me. The fact that books are made out of trees is the major disadvantage for books. 😀

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