The Ocean at the End of the Lane

“Childhood memories are sometimes covered and obscured beneath the things that come later, like childhood toys forgotten at the bottom of a crammed adult closet, but they are never lost for good.”

The narrator of this story starts off as a man, lost, meaning to go to a relatives funeral but instead, without knowing, he comes right to where he lived as a child. As he goes down the lane where his house must once be, he starts to remember things, things that haven’t been uncovered for twenty years, things that start off with meeting the Hempstock woman. The story then takes a bend in the road and the same person narrates but a younger, more determined mind than before. He comes across a house when he was roughly seven years old at the end of his lane, and meets three woman, Old Hempstock, Ginnie Hempstock and Lettie. These three people are very mysterious and not as normal as they may seem. He becomes friends with Lettie when a dead fish is found with a Victorian sixpence in its mouth. When the narrator himself wakes up from choking on a coin, he and his friend Lettie, along with help from the other Hempstock woman, embark on a dangerous, scary adventure encountering an evil being haunting them. Will the monster ever go? Who are the Hempstock woman really? And what is the ocean at the end of the lane?

An amazing fantastical adult book that can also be read by children, gripping and mysterious. Packed full with loads of different genres, whoever reads this book will feel as if they are there, and they will feel a mix of emotions when the main character does. A great book for girls and boys aged 13+ and I’d recommend it to anyone. I will rate it a four star because sometimes I didn’t really know what was happening but it’s a book that you have to read in one day, it’s that gripping. The publisher is Harper Collins.



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