Help my friend

My friend is writing a book and we need people to vote for what the title should be, so I’m going to post the titles below and below that, if you could it would be great if you comment and tell me what title you like best. Thanks!

The story is about a ghost called Hermione Jones. She can’t be seen by anybody. The world is ending, and a scientist is the only person who can see her, has spotted molecules in the air, which turn out to be a monster. Together they try and stop this alien, but the scientist dies in the process.

Please comment, whoever and wherever you are, because my friend needs help! Also, if you have a title that you have made up yourself that you think is good please tell me via comments!


Alone as the world dies

No end, no stop

Cursed earth

Falling ashes
Not even until the world does
World does…
I will survive
Her entrance, its end
I watch the world die
Dying embers
Someone who sees me
I watch the world lose
Why me?
Why not?
The molecules
When I need you most
The rise
Ghost girl returns
Ghost girl 2
Suddenly Sane

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