The Last Wild by Piers Torday

“I’m freezing because the window has a jagged hole smashed right, and in the moonlight I can see shards of broken glass all over the floor… Dark wet feathers flapping all over the room.”

Everything in Earth has changed. All of the animals have gone from a disease called the red-eye. All of the animals have gone, that is, apart from the varmints. All the food has gone. The people in Earth now eat formula, which is a pink slop that tastes of prawn- cocktail crisps. All of the naught people get sent to Spectrum Hall, including Kester Jaynes. Kester wasn’t naughty, he just couldn’t talk.  An elected mute. So when the pigeons came and talked to him and he talked back, he was very surprised…

My brother loved this book so much I wanted to read it and I’m glad I have; it’s amazing. The author is so imaginative to come up with a book like this, it’s almost impossible. I really recommend you to read this. I give it a 4 an a half star and it’s for boys and girls  around the age of 10 upwards. The publisher is Quercus.


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