Dark Satanic Mills by Marcus and Julian Sedgwick, John Higgins and Marc Olivent

“Hampstead, Highgate, Finchley, Hendon and Muswell Hill rage loud… in London’s darkness.”

In the future Earth, things have changed from the real world today. The True Church is rising in power and slowly taking control of religion and peoples lives. Christy, a woman permanently stuck to a motorbike (not literally) and wanting to do the right thing, knows this. Needing to hide out somewhere, Christy calls Jane, her friend for help. She finds Jane’s son very ill in one of the bedrooms, and tries to take him away to the hospital because his parents think God is going to help him. Yeah right! Christy thinks and speeds off, hoping to get there in time. Sadly, Jane’s son dies on the way there so Christy is forced to go on a road trip, collecting a few mysterious people with amazing stories on the way.

This book is a graphic novel and is very good. At times I couldn’t understand what was happening but once I got into the rhythm of the book I understood a bit more. I think it’s also because I usually don’t read graphic novels so I was a bit out of my comfort zone, but I’m still going to rate it a 3 and a half stars because of the pictures and plot. The publisher is Walker Books and the age range is 13+.

“Any story that features a fanatical, fantastic church, that employs Soldiers of Truth to beat up atheists gets my vote! Excellent!”


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