Jane, the Fox and Me by Fanny Britt and Isabelle Arsenault

“There was no possibility in hiding anywhere today.  Not in the halls at school, or out in the school yard  or even in the far stairway, the one leading to art class that smells like sou milk. They were everywhere, just like the insults scribbled on the walls.”

This is such a touching, beautiful and at times very sad graphic novel. I felt all emotions possible when reading this; sad, relieved and, thankfully happy at the end. In some graphic novels, I speed through them but for this novel this was not the case. It took me far more time than it would averagely take me to read it because I looked carefully at each of the pictures and pondered on every single

word. Such a simple story, but with such feelings and meaning it seems more complicated and longer than it really is. The age range is 10-16 and the publisher is Walker Books. It has been translated into English by Christelle Morelli and Susan Ouriou. I really recommend this book to anyone; even though the main character is a girl and it’s mainly about girls, my brother read it and thought it quite nice! By the way, my brother is now writing reviews as well so you can go to lovereading4kids.co.uk to read his reviews.

Hélène has no friends and many enemies. She lives in fear, wondering what Geneviéve and her gang was going to write next. All she can do is try to lose herself in Jane Eyre and ignore them. But sometimes, she can’t even do that. Her and the people she goes to school with are going on a trip. Everybody is cheering. She is not. When they get there, she ends up in the ‘outcasts’ tent. Alone with two other outcasts. Will Hélène ever have a friend? Will the bullying ever stop? Will her life stay like this forever…

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