The Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams

“At eight o’clock on Thursday morning Arthur didn’t feel very good. He woke up blearily, got up, wandered around his room blearily, opened a window, saw a bulldozer, found his slippers, and stomped off to the bathroom to wash.”

Arthur Dent has no worries in the world on Thursday morning (apart from why there is a yellow bulldozer outside his house and why he feels like he has the biggest hangover in the world) until his head starts to clear and realizes his house is about to get crushed by a yellow bulldozer and him with it. Things start to get even more weird when Ford Prefect (I know), his best friend, who if you didn’t know is the biggest drinker in the world, drags him off to a pub to tell him that he’s an alien and Earth with everybody in it is going to be demolished in three minutes. As Arthur starts to think that his best friend is gone a bit mad crazy yellow spaceships turn up and announce that they are going to demolish Earth to make way for a new bypass in space. Everywhere on Earth chaos erupts and spreads quickly like fire. Luckily Ford and Arthur manage to hitch a lift and they’re off, with their book Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy and their towels, to discover what they have been missing and all the secrets out there nobody on Earth ever knew…

Great science-fiction book full of imaginative aliens and characters. When I read this book, it reminds me slightly of the Hobbit because of the main character in both stories. Both have that kind of personality where you just want to be on your own, everything in the perfect place, all comfy… until you’re whole world turns upside down. Weird! Just a far out thought. Anyway. I like this book because it’s the only sci-fi book that can be funny at the same time, and the other thing about it is that it’s actually an adult book but teenagers can read it too.

The publisher is Pan books and the age range is adults but children from the age of 12+ can read it. I give this book a 4 star because it was good, but I prefer other genres better. Although I guess for other people it might be different because some people like science fiction but some don’t. By the way, it’s a five book series.



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