Mysterium- The Black Dragon by Julian Sedgwick

“Danny Woo opened his eyes. The left one is electric green, the right a deep, chestnut-brown. In tense and brooding, they gaze out into the October morning.”

Danny’s family is from the Mysterium, a mysterious, lively circus that perform dangerous and death encouraging tricks (if you fail the tricks that is) in front of cheering massive audiences. Danny had loads of friends, especially Zamora, a Spanish dwarf, in the circus for his strength and size. It’s his home and family, and it doesn’t matter where they go to him, as long as they’re all together and happy. But one day there came a massive fire, burning the circus down an his parents with it. Along comes a chain of events which lead him to Hong Kong with Laura to learn the mystery of his parents and the world wide mystery of the Black Dragon…

Adventurous and thrilling, this dramatic novel brings out the best in writing immediately and when I read the first chapter I knew it was going to be a good one. Definitely a must read. The age range is 9-14 and the publisher is Hachette Children’s books. I’ll give this a 5 star.



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