Farm Boy by Michael Morpurgo (sequel to War Horse)

“There’s an old green Fordson tractor in the back of Grandpa’s barn, always covered in cornsacks. When I was very little, I used to go in there, pull off the cornsacks, climb up and drive it all over the farm… but it wasn’t until many years later that I discovered just how important, just how special it was.”

This short but effective short novel once again features Joey, the horse inspiring Morpurgo to write War Horse. It also takes notice of two people, a grandfather and a grandson, who are one of the few characters in this story. The grandson loves coming to his grandfather’s farm, to plough, to ride on the mysterious tractor, and for his grandpa’s stories. They were close, very close friends, who loved running the farm together. But there are times when his grandpa becomes sullen and enters another world. The grandson doesn’t know what else to do but leave him alone. But this time he stays, his grandfather explains everything, in return  for a favour. To teach him to read and write.To write so he can be able to tell his amazing childhood stories to the world. And as the grandson embarks on a journey to Australia, he reads what his grandpa has written and realises why the tractor is so special…

My favourite character in this book is the Grandpa because of the way that he talks and listens with his eyebrows and that he sets his aims out before him and completes them with a passion. I really like this book, not only because of the beautiful drawings and the historical tractor, but mostly because of how simple it is. With two characters, and one scene, it really shows what a success a book can be even if it is short and simple, and also gives the word that writing is always about the quality, not the quantity. This book is for boys and girls at the age of 8+.The publisher is Harper Collins and I am reviewing this for 



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