Gone by Michael Grant

“One minute the teacher was talking about civil war. And the next minute he was gone. There. Gone.”

School kids in Perdido Beach are horrified when everyone the age over fifteen disappears. Chaos erupts in the school, younger ones abandoned, no-one really realising what is going on. Kids screaming, crying, calling for their mums and dads who aren’t there… Hell on Earth.

Some of the older, more sensible children realise there’s a barrier, a sheath, a sphere stretched all around them. It’s opaque and it’s painful to touch. Are everybody’s parents outside from that barrier? Will you disappear when you turn fifteen? If so, where do you go? Nobody knows…

On top of all of this strangeness, random people have started to develop powers, superhuman powers, inhuman powers. Is this because of what has just happened?

Questions are ringing as loud as a thousand classrooms inside every single kids head as they try to survive without the parents have gone…

This book is like the modern Lord of the Flies and what Sparticle Mysteries would have been like if it was written into a book (for those kids who watch CBBC). I love it. I can’t really say anything else! Gripping, twenty different stories packed into one, a massive action scene (gore galore!Boys thirteen down will love it; trust me I know because my brother was gripped when I read it to him); what more could you possibly want?! The only thing I could find against it is that for me a little gory! Apart from that it’s truly amazing. My favourite characters are Lana, Sam and Astrid. They all have great and very unique personalities; it’s almost as if Michael Grant knew them!

This book is for boys mostly but girls can read it too. I give this a five star and the publisher is ELECTRIC MONKEY.


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