What I’m Reading

Hi viewers, instead of doing a review I’m just going to say what I’m now reading. For a week I have been reading the Anne of Green Gables series (yes, there is more than one book, actually there are twelve books in all) on my kindle. I am currently reading the second book and I now think these series are the best classic books I have read (whoever has read them as well I’m sure will agree with me). I admit that when I started reading the first chapter I did think it was a little boring but from then on I really got into it. For the people who don’t know Anne (with an E at the end) and her adventures, I will give a short blurb for the series;

Anne is an orphan, a child thrown from one family to another, having to take care of three twins when very young. She was put in an orphan asylum and for four months had to endure the worst time in her life. A girl of bright red long hair and numerous freckles, and a wide imagination, she gets teased often.

Matthew and Marilla are a middle aged couple set out on getting a boy to help Matthew with their farm, in Avonlea. When Anne was sent, with reluctance, they decided to keep her. From, then on, Anne had loads of scrapes and adventures with her bosom friend Diana and without Gilbert, her mortal enemy after he called her Carrots on the first day of school.

If you want to read the full series and if you have a kindle, I advise you to buy it on your kindle because it is much cheaper than buying twelve books, trust me! I bought them ALL for 99p!

I might not be reviewing for a short while because I will be on holiday for three weeks on Tuesday and I will be trying to finish Anne of Green Gable series.

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