Fortunately the milk by Neil Gaiman

“There was only orange juice in the fridge. Nothing else that you could put on cereal,unless you think that ketchup or mayonnaise or pickle juice would be nice on your toastios,which I do not, and neither does my little sister, although she has eaten some pretty weird things in her day, like mushrooms in chocolate.”

This fantastic story features aliens, pirates, piranhas, a flying Stegosaurus, a great God of funny names, ponies, vampires, some dinosaur police, and last of all, an incredibly special milk carton. It all started off with a normal life for Dad, Mum and two ordinary children until Dad started his adventure  by going to the corner shop to buy an all- ordinary carton of milk. A huge spaceship as bright as the sun flew directly above Dad out of no- where. Suddenly Dad felt himself sucked up into the air to meet a disk full of “globby and slobby” aliens! He then starts a quest to get the milk back for his children in time for breakfast, only to meet loads more terrifying monsters and inhuman people along on his journey.

This book is amazing because it shows how funny, scary and adventurous can be put together to make up a book. My favourite character is Dad because after every close shave he shows courage and manages to keep the milk in his hand. I recommend this book for people aged 7+ for boys and girls. The author is Neil Gaiman.

It is one of the best I’ve read all this summer and I rate it four and three quarters out of five stars.

This review was written by my brother, aged 10



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