The Coldest Girl in Cold-town by Holly Black

“Welcome to Cold-town. Once you enter, you can never leave…”

Meet Tana; a teenage girl with no Mum. She lives life to the full with her best friend Pauline and her little sister Pearl, a good- natured girl who helps out at home(often having to make dinner as well.).

One day years ago her Mum came back from a party infected from a vampire. From a monster she was turning into. Tana nearly got killed when she let her Mum out and showed mercy. Later in the book she learns from a close friend that ‘You create destruction to show mercy’.

Tana takes a risk and goes to a party with her ex-boyfriend, Aidan, since vampires haven’t attacked where she lives in five years. When she (groggily) wakes up in the bathroom, she goes downstairs and nearly faints when she sees that-

I shan’t say any more because it will ruin the story! This is book is the best vampire book I have read for a while; in places it’s so bloodthirsty you will drink it in greedily and laugh in delight. It covers so many genres; to name a few there is thriller, romance, fantasy and a bit of humour thrown in for good measure!

I recommend this book for anyone who has read Twilight and Spiderwick Chronicles (this book is written by the same author!). It is for both boys and girls at the age of 13+. The publisher is the Orion Publisher Group.

I am reviewing this for



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