Angel by L.A.Weatherly

“Alex pulled the trigger. As the pulsing energy of the angel’s halo was disrupted by the force of the bullet, the creature burst without a sound into a million shooting fragments of light”

Do you think angels live on clouds in Heaven? Do you think thy have fluffy candy floss wings who serve to God and are messengers? If you do you’re seriously wrong…

Real angels live on Earth in human form and when they take up angel form it’s like seeing the sun in front of your eyes. Their glittering wings like shards of glass, their golden halo pulsating and glowing with the brightest light you have ever seen… With these amazing qualities, you wouldn’t  even dare to think that these perfect angels are against humans…

These angels are from a different planet and feed off their own planets energy source. This is their way of eating. But when their energy source stars to wither and turn grey, they evacuate to Earth and feed on humans instead. The first wave arrived a few months ago and people start to notice changes in their way of life. All over the world humans have been infected and have formed a new culture including their loving angels. This is where Alex comes in.

Alex has known the angels all his life because he’s been fighting them all his life. The fight is tense as the Second wave is coming and the humans are losing. There is only one person who can stop the second wave with Alex, a person who is half human, half angel. That person is called Willow.

I love this trilogy, and soon I will be reviewing the next book, Angel Fire, as I will buy it shortly.

The publisher is USBORNE and the age range is 12 to 16. I rate it 4 stars and a half

Go to to read the first chapter and find out more about the author.




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