My writing; Who am I?

I am not allowed to judge people

But they’re allowed to judge me

They say I’m full of sins and deserve a punishment

But they spray can me a dull grey; it’s just not to be

Is there something I could mend

Something I could change

Someone I could be?

They are the lions prowling menacingly in the dark

I am a voodoo doll; every pin ripping my chest open in agony

Or am I a string puppet; an everlasting amusement to them

But a torment to me.

Am I a person or a colour

A human or an ant

A being or a beast?

Teachers don’t help they just stare with blank eyes

Whether they’re blind or not

Who do I go to for help?

Or am I destined to give up…


2 thoughts on “My writing; Who am I?

  1. ghostgirl1916 says:

    This is really good but you should really put up your poem about daffodils future thingy because its amazing, honestly and can I make a request for a review for the considine curse, it’s a great book and I think you’ll like it.

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