The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Are you a girl affected by cancer? Are your parents worried sick about you every day of the year?  Do you need an oxygen tank to help you breathe? Meet Hazel.

Hazel has lived with cancer for more than a year and she is sick of it. She believes it dominates her life and still she battles on, not letting it take over her. Hazel has an unsociable life since she hasn’t been to school for three years. The only time that she ever really goes out is when her parents force her to go to Support Group, where she has to listen to her leader drone on about how he lost a part of his body. This is where she met Augustus.

This is a lovely story which has tragedy, humour and romance twisted into one. I read it in the space of three days, it was that good! It really captures the reality of how cancer can take the lives of good people and leave an emotional mark behind for the friends and family who are suffering badly. My favourite character is Gus (Augustus) because he tries to be with Hazel until the end.

The age range should be for children in secondary school (it has a couple of swear words in it) and for boys and girls. The publisher is Penguin Books and the author is John Green.


Front Cover


2 thoughts on “The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

  1. thesweetreview says:

    Yes me too it’s one of my favourite books! All my friends were like ‘What? No way I’m reading that!’ but when they read it they almost loved it as much as me! I’ve seen you’re website and it’s really good I get bad days too and I hate it when people are patronising if you see what I mean. Wanna recommend a book and I’ll review it?x

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