Nowhere by Jon Robinson

“Alyn came to with a start, coughing up clumps of snow. He lay dazed for some moments, watching his breath swirl: a silver plume, crumbling in the icy air…”

love this book! It’s amazing how Robinson makes everything seem so real as if it’s happening right in front of my eyes. Most books I read are often inspiring and a little tense /scary- but not Nowhere; the first book that really bursts my imagination and works my adrenalin overdrive and the only 11+ age range that is hard enough (because of the writing and the plot!) to challenge me! I recommend anyone to read this book as soon as possible to enjoy real reading!

All around Britain 100 parents are mourning, 100 are weeping,100 are grieving… all because of one thing; their children. 100 teenager’s have disappeared from what seems like the Earth’s surface. No-one can find them, no-one knows where they are. Search parties are being sent out, the police are patrolling areas and parents are trying so hard to find their missing sons and daughters they would have been willing to risk their lives in return for getting their children back. Even though this is happening nothing is actually helping…

These 100 teenagers are imprisoned in a concrete cube in a unknown situation packed along with nasty adults and mean guards who drill into them every minute, every second of the day that they’re criminals. That they’ve committed a crime. That they’re guilty. They’ve been told so much that some of them actually believe them, some of them can’t even remember their past life. But most of them know better. Most are strong. Most fight back. And when Alyn tries to escape for the hundredth time and fails again, he and three others hatch a plan to escape from the jaws of nowhere…

This is an 11+ and boys and girls will enjoy this as much as each other! The publisher is PUFFIN BOOKS and I’m reviewing this for



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