Aldo Moon and the Ghost at Gravewood Hall by Alex Woolf

“I mean to say that I have picked up a ripple in the ether. I sense a change in the weather- in the cosmic weather I mean. Someone is about to knock at the front door of this house, and this knock, I fear, will have grave consequences for all of us…”

It all started when a knock on the door was heard by Aldo Moon, who senses things just before something is going to happen. Along with Lilly Morelle and Nathan Carter (who is the narrator in this intriguing story) he goes to investigate who is knocking. It seems to be the kind Mrs Rathborn whose husband died a couple of months ago and her ever unfriendly son Daniel. They bring horrible news that is so curious that the Carter family have to explore this queer story with their own eyes…

This amazing story is truly the best – it captures and preserves just the right genres and twists. Woolf is a fantastic author, so good that he creates pictures so vivid that it almost feels as if I’m actually there in the story; as I read I gasp at the groans, I shudder at the noises and I even take a step back for some of the scenes!

My favourite character is Polly; she is a person who perseveres and keeps on going even in the worst situations ad she also forgives people easily (you’ll probably know what I mean if you’ve read the book)- just the person I would like to meet! I won’t tell any more because it’ll give away the story!

This book is for both girls and boys who have read and enjoyed ghost and mystery books like Sherlock Holmes or My Myself Milly, a book I have reviewed also. The age range is 10+ but don’t be worried if you’re twelve / thirteen it’s still as good!

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