Chasing the Dark by Sam Hepburn

“Dark night. Rain-slashed road. A great black 4 times 4 screeching out of nowhere, its headlights catching Mum’s pale, frightened face behind the windscreen of a tinny little hatchback. She’s screaming into the brightness, throwing out her arms…”

I love the never-ending of not knowing whats about to happen in this amazing new book of Sam Hepburn’s, ” Chasing the Dark” ; the more I read the more I seemed to drag myself into this story. All I can advise for readers who are looking for a good book is this; get this one immediately!

Joe’s mum has been hit in a car crash and died a few days later. Joe is terribly upset , so upset that he’s actually broken down; physically and mentally. All he’s got now is his pet dog, Oz, who he picked up while he saw him fight an Alsatian, and sadly lost. He’s off to stay at his Auntie Doreen’s house because his dad, Eddie is definitely not going to be able or going to want to take care of Joe. So here Joe is, in the country side with his mean Auntie, without a Mum or a Dad and with only a dog for company. But then he finds the abandoned house and the first clue of his Mum’s death…

I totally, sincerely love this book from top to bottom; it’s amazing! The genres of this book are friendship, action, family etc. The publisher is Chicken House. I am reviewing this book for





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