How To Be Invisible by Tim Lott

” It was the 13th of September, 13 days after my 13th birthday, when I first learned how to be invisible.”

Strato Nyman has a difficult life, probably more difficult than yours and mine. His parents decided to move to this part of the country-side called Hedgecombe-upon-Dray. It’s totally different from where he used to live, in London. Strato has to learn how to fit in to a normal school unlike his old one a school specially for gifted and talented children. Things start off badly; Strato turns out to be the only black kid in his school, he gets picked on immediately by the school bully, and his parents are arguing more than ever. He wants to find out the answers to the questions, and fast. Why did he move here in the first place? Why is this person bullying him? And, more importantly, why are his parents arguing so much and what about? One day when he decides to walk further than he has ever walked before. Suddenly he finds a dark alleyway and decides to see whats there. It turns out to be an abandoned bookshop and as he comes out Strato picks up a book. As he learns how to be invisable Strato does gets the answers he wants but some are not as pleasing as others…

This book is amazing; it has just the right amount of everything including friendship, action, fantasy and most of all a tremendous amount of imagination. I would hve to definately give How To Be Invisible five stars for its intriguing characters and stunning twists. This book is for people who are 10+, but don’t let that stop you read it because i’m twelve in June and I still enjoyed it! The publisher is WALKER BOOKS.

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