Young Knights of the Round Table by Julia Golding

“Humans are the enemy”

Have your parents told you amazing stories about Merlin and  the Round Table? Do your friends think it can’t be true? Do you think this is all complete nonsense? Well think again because that was all true. In fact the Fey are back, maybe for the worst…

Rick is a changeling, a human stolen from his parents by the Fey, and taken to the magical world of Avalon to be trained into a professional soldier for the ever-cruel Oberon, king of the Fey. But it’s not as simple as that because the Fey have to share energy with the humans and some people don’t like the balance so a new formation of the round table is being created by supposedly the humans to attack Avalon, and Rick and his friends Roxy and Tiago are chosen to go into the strange human world to see who the people are who are doing this and stop them as soon as possible. But later on they find out something that completely changes their view of the round table ; it was not created by humans. This makes them wonder if they can trust Avalon and Oberon after all…

I love this book because at the end it’s so exciting I have to keep on reading until i’ve finished it, and then when i’ve finished it I want to read it all over again! My favourite character is Tiago because at the climax he has to choose between his father and his closest friend, and in the end he made the choice that saved his life and the choice that I would of made as well. I give this four and a half stars for the twist that I read over and over again. The publisher is Oxford University Press and i’m reviewing this for




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