The Poison Boy by Fletcher Moss

“He patted his lucky card, safe now in his pocket, and sent up a pointless prayer for Bennie Jinks. The he made a run for it. Two guns exploded with sharp cracks ant the door frame at his shoulder shattered into knotty fragments. A rush of panic consumed him and he cried out in fear; then he was running…”

Dalton Fly tastes foods for the rich and so does his best friend Bennie Jinks: or, in other words, they’re poison boys. They haven’t been poisoned yet but it all turns upside down when they enter the house of Dropmore.

Scarlet Dropmore is a sentaway, a child living away from their important parents for protection. She lives in the House of Dropmore and longs to be free and rid of her marcher (who is a person who protects a sentaway and makes sure that nobody realises who Scarlet is). One day she persuades her marcher to throw a party for her sixteenth birthday. She thought nothing could go wrong but a tiny part of her feared the worst that could happen. She ignored it but that was a big mistake.

When they meet a thousand problems occur but inside these problems secrets are revealed but some of them might bring deadly consequences to those unlucky ones who find out.

Together along with Sal, another poison boy (who badly needs a haircut) , they begin a long and complicated quest to find the murderers and to help save lives.

I hope you read this book because I love the way Moss creates these so life-like characters in front of my eyes, they seem so real that it’s like their my friends. If you are passionate about horror and you love a book with a bit of everything in it, then I suppose you could join the exciting journey of reading this book with me!

I give this a five stars because the pace of the novel is fast and furious; I can hardly keep up with it!

I read this book for and the publisher is Chicken House.

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