Warp by Eoin Colfer

” ‘Don’t move!’ Shouted Chevie, using her most F.B.I voice. ‘Freeze or I will shoot.’ A weak voice came from somewhere inside the orange cloud. ‘I am freezing, miss. My word upon it.’ Before Chevie could wonder why the strange accent had her brain singing Consider Yourself the cloud dissipated, revealing the figure of a boy huddled over an old man. The boy was alive but the man was not, probably because of the knife jutting from his chest…”

As I entered Eoin Colfer’s world of action and adventure once again in this amazing new book ‘Warp’ I found myself gazing in wonder at the mysteries yet to solve in the plot of this fabulous story, so I suggest you enter the world of ‘Warp’ yourself!

In 1898 a boy called Riley attempted to commit his first murder in front of the ever-watching Garrick… In the present Chevie is one of the youngest agents in the F.B.I… Together they take a life-changing journey to stop Garrick turn the world into something like we’ve never seen before! But I hope they’re careful because the clock is ticking and Garrick is speeding up…

I give this a three stars and the age range is 9+. The people who would most like this are children who have enjoyed other Eoin Colfer books like Artemis Fowl. The publisher is Puffin Books and I’m reviewing this book for www.lovereadingforkids.co.uk.


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