Magyk by Angie Sage

“An instantly gripping yarn… it’s a book to gallop through”

Irish Times

Sprinkled with a spoonful of spells, threaded with a cupful of ghosts, decorated with a jug brimming over with mystery : Enter the world of Magyk. This fantasy is packed with danger and intrigue and I love how Angie Sage preserves fantasy, mystery and thriller and then flings it out to the readers, almost engulfing them with an amazing book. The plot is hooking and the characters personalities are described so much that it’s like I almost know them. At the start I wasn’t sure if the book was going to be good but overall I think that it is incredible and I can’t wait to read Flyte, the next book.

Everything is lovely in The Ramblings. The Queen is alive and happy, she’s going to have a daughter and most importantly, the powerful disaster-creater DomDaniel is dead, thanks to Alther, his assistant. Everyone knows that DomDaniel wants to be the ExtraOrdinary Wizard and that’s why everyone is trying to protect The Ramblings, the castle and the Wizard Castle from the Darke magic that will appear if DomDaniel ever should come back from his grave. Well, it seems that they have not tried enough because one cold, black night the Queen was killed. By DomDaniel. And this is where the Heaps come in…

I do not want to say anything more because it will spoil the book! The age range is roughly around 10-14 and I give this a 4 and a half stars for its amazing twists at the end and the characters because I can see them in my mind so clearly. This book is good for readers who have read and enjoyed books like Harry Potter. I reviewed this book for Bloomsbury Publishers and


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