The Lost Girl by Sangu Madanna

” He told me how ordinary people , who can’t bear the idea of losing somebody the love, ask the Weavers to make a living, breathing copy,  an echo’. And one day, if the person dies, the echo will replace them… My name is Eva and I am an echo. My time has come…”

Amarra is an ordinary girl, living an ordinary life. She has a boyfriend like most teenagers do. She has a best friend like most teenagers do. She has caring parents who love her more than anything in the world like most teenagers do. But there is one thing that takes a vital role in her life. She tries to ignore it but it is hard to share her life with a copy of her. A living breathing thing made to look like her, be like her. An echo.

Amarra’s parents cannot live without their daughter, they love her so much. So they ask the Weavers, three super natural human beings, to create an echo for their child. An echo is made to replace a child when they die so the childs family can live with a copy which is exactly like their son or daughter. In this case, the child is Amarra. It all sounds fine and dandy but there is just one problem that could change Amarra’s life and the echo’s. Amarra hates her. She hates sharing her life, her thoughts, her feelings, with a stranger she barely knows. Little does her family and her echo know that she has created a something, a something that could take the echo’s life away…

I love this book. All the characters are so realistic and the plot, the twist at the core of the story, the climax, everything was so gripping that I read it within 3 schooldays. Amazing and hooking, The Lost Girl is a book that makes you think about things that you have never come acoss before.

I give this book 5 stars and the publisher is RANDOM HOUSE CHILDREN PUBLISHERS.

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