The Cardturner by Louis Sachar

“Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve had it drilled into me that my Uncle Lester was my favourite uncle.”

Enter the alien world of bridge, the world where people speak gibberish and battle over cards. Anyone who has never heard of bridge would think these people are crazy. Uncle Lester is one of those crazy people.

Ever since he was twenty Lester played bridge.  As he nears eighty he suddenly turns blind and ‘takes a turn for the worse’. Everone expects him to quit and stop playing bridge but he fought on and got a cardturner, someone who can tell him his cards and set them dowm. This cardturner happens to be a boy named Alton Richards…

This book is amazing and I loved it from the very first page.I also reccomend you should read ‘Holes’ and ‘There’s a Boy in The Girls Bathroom’, also by Louis Sachar. the age range for all three of these books is roughly 11-14.I give this  ***** stars and the publisher is Bloomsbury.



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