About what I’m reading nowadays…

Hello-I’m going to write about my most recent readings; a bit each about the tale , genre, rating, age range, title, author and publisher. I hope you find this useful!

  • Title : The Sherlock Holmes Series-1, 2, and 3.

Author: Sir Arthur Conan  Doyle.

Age range:If you are a good reader, 11 to 111!

Genre: Quite alot- Detectives, mystery,historical, action and crime.

Rating:                                                        *****

Publisher: My edition is published by WORDSWORTH LIBRARY COLLECTION. The complete works with original illustrations.

A bit about the tale:

Sherlock Holmes is a secret detective that figures out a crime in a maximum of three days! No body knows who he is, if he is famous or what he does to earn money…but when his future partner, Watson, comes along one day looking for a flat to share, he makes  a crucial decision to explore the events of crime and danger in nine episodes. The good thing about this book is it lasts forever and when other books end, this one continues. I have read three books so far and although challenging, Sir Arthur can really capture the likes of a natural thriller.

I recommend this book to both boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen because even if you don’t usually read detective stories, another genre can pop up at any moment.

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