The Weight of Water by Sarah Crossan

The Weight of the Water is a passionate, lovable story which concludes with an unforgettable ending. It takes twists and turns you can just grasp. The core is overpowering and it tells a tale no one can forget or regret. Crossan certainly knows how to keep a story afloat. Although it is like a long poem, it can capture the same inner feeling and if not, more. This unique novel should be treasured for years on end.

The age range is 10+ but I’m 11 and I really enjoyed it. The genre is real life and romance; and the characters are also often on the move so the third genre would be action packed. The publisher is Bloomsbury.

Kasienka’s life is terrible as a Polish twelve year old girl whose father has run away and mother breaks down often. It gets worse when her mother travels to England, determined to find her husband. Their hopes are drained when they end up in a one room flat. Will they ever find her father? and will just be happily ever after as soon as they do?

‘Poignant, powerful, just perfect’ Cathy Cassidy

Look at Sarah Crossan’s website here for more information on the author.


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