The Nightmare Factory by Lucy Jones

‘There’s a secret you need to know. A secret about how nightmares are made. WELCOME TO THE NIGHTMARE FACTORY…’

A thrilling story with a fantastic core , THE NIGHTMARE FACTORY is a tale to make your palms sweat with fright and racking sobs of sadness;you wouldn’t want to miss a book as good as this ! It also teaches you that siblings can work together and save a world , and in this case, Earth…My favourite character was Oran, and although he isn’t the main character, he tries to pull things together- and my favourite part of the book was when nightmares start to become true. The genre is a mixture of Action, Fantasy and Thriller and the publisher is Orchard Books . The age range is 9-12. Prepare to be spellbound!

Andrew and his sister Poppy notice something is wrong;Andrew pushed a teenager twice his size halfway across the street; Andrew dreamed about shadows and a man whom he had never seen before chasing after him;A weird woman and a man that exactly like the man from his dreams handing him dreamcatchers; and then that night tey got stolen from their worst nightmares to their worst nightmares…

I give this four stars.


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