Hitler’s Angel by William Osborne



‘Chapter One

The boy’s lungs were burning and his eyes streaming with tears.

He had to get to England. It was now or never. The smoke was all around him, acrid cordite and sulphurous petrol. He kept on running, every breath a sharp stab in his chest. He had to keep going, had to reach the water’s edge, had to get beyond the upturned burning vehicles and the dead and dying men lying on the beach.’

A miracle placed in our hands, thrilling action and the old scared in your seats tension; William Osborne has created a bestseller – after turning the first page, I knew this story would be something special…there’s something in this book that everybody reaches out for, whether its the great mystery, or the glowing romance, everything fits like a jigsaw.

A good book has to be a great page turner and it always has to be an incredible twist at the end, and Osborne has captured this. Not many books have both genres; thriller and romance while creating a realistic mystery.

Two teenagers – boy and girl – have both fled from Germany in World War Two, from the horrific Nazi attacks. Their world has been turned upside down and they have been carried away from their loving parents to England, the heart of the chaos. Hitler’s Angel tells the story of how Otto and Leni fight against their home country to defeat Hitler. In order to do this, they must take part in one of Winston Churchill’s secret missions to capture Hitler’s daughter.

I adored the personalities of all the characters created in this book – fiction and non-fiction but especially, Leni because although girls usually don’t stand up to something, Leni has a brave heart and tries her best to help Otto and the losing side of the war.

I recommend this fantastic book to all ages between 9 to 14 years old – who will enjoy it as much as I did.

‘An incredible adventure and great page turner’

Bear Grylls

I give this five stars because it would appeal to both boys and girls.


Published by Chicken House.



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