Artemis Fowl and the arctic incident by Eoin Colfer

“By the age of thirteen, our subject, Artemis Fowl , was showing signs of an intellect greater than that of any human since Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. He spent some time out doors and got to meet some new people. It’s a pity most of them were trying to kill him.”

Artemis Fowl . A criminal master mind . Once messed up with faeries. Once stole faery gold . Now , his arch enemy captain Holly Short,  believes that he is supplying batteries to dumb goblins. But is he actually doing this? Fowl also has a problem. His father is being held for ransom by the Russian Mafiya none other than in the Arctic Circle . Can he get his father back again?Can he in time? READ THE BOOK TO FIND OUT!!!

This is the second book in the series, and although there could have been more detail, I loved the climax and ending… If you adore mystery, detective and fantasy stories, buy this outstanding book now ! The age range is 9-12 . My favourite character is Artemis, because he can think of an idea at the last minute with help of his bodyguard!


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