” Slam . Will’s body shook. Blood shot through his heart. Then the van rumbled to life . The slam had been the sound of the rear door shutting . The rumble was the engine . And the van was moving. Sudden euphoria made Will grin . He pushed down the blanket. In the blackness he couldn’t see Gaia’s face, or Andrew’s. He didn’t need to. He could sense their excitement.”

You might live in an enormous mansion, with parents and friends looking out for you…. But not everyone is like that. And certainly not Will. His father killed in action, his mother left without warning to who knows where, having to leave  from his comfy home to London. But everything changes when Gaia corners Will and forces him to come to Andrew, a multi millionaire. They want him for something~ but what? Will this change his life ?

I got this book from my library in my school- I first had a brief flip through but then I sat down and started reading the first page. A story needs to hook you in immediately, and this story did on the first second.

This is a 10+ and the publisher is Macmillan Children’s Books .



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