Playing With Fire by Henning Mankell translated by Anna Paterson

” In the night there was a blue world lit by the moon… blue sand trickled between her fingers and swells of seawater moved inside her … it was a dream, yet Sofia knew that her time had come. She was fifteen and childhood was behind her.”.

Sofia’s family is poor. Her mum has lost loads of her own children and she does not need to lose any more. Sofia has lost both of her legs and wishes she could be normal. She wishes she could be like her sister Rosa, who is strong and beautiful and she loves dancing, something that Sofia could never do. Soon her life gets worse. Rosa falls ill and no one can do anything about it.It is Sofia who must help Rosa cope and face the reality of her illness. Will Sofia’s mum lose another child?

Age range is 11 to 14

Published by ALLEN AND UNWIN



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