Mister Stink by David Walliams



A girl called Chloe thinks she is the unluckiest world in her school until she meets a tramp called Mister Stink. She assumes that he is the only friend she has ever had, so (with Mum being ridiculously posh and her sister being an absolute snitch) she keeps her friendship a secret and moves him into their garden shed! But will it work for ever? Or will Chloe ever realise why Mister Stink has beautiful shining cutlery and a posh manner when he is a tramp? This was my brother’s book who is eight so I will say that the age range is 8-10 years old. My favourite character is Chloe because she never gives up and in the end she stood up to the school bullies which I think makes her brave and that’s a good thing to be.

The publisher is HarperCollins.


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