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Hi everyone:)

Today’s post is another review for you all – Whisper to Me by Nick Lake. I was very excited when I received this book from lovereading, as I have read a lot of his books, like There Will Be Lies and In Darkness. In Darkness is one of my favourite books and There Will Be Lies was also really good, so of course I was expecting great things from this book.

And let me tell you, Whisper to Me DEFINITELY lived up to my expectations.

The book is actually in the form of a love letter, from Cassie to a certain ‘you’, whom we don’t find out about until a bit later on. I was immediately gripped because of the unique format – it made me want to know more about Cassie and what happened for her to ‘hear voices’ and ‘miss you’.

As the novel progressed and Cassie revealed bit by bit about the past, I fell more and more in love with her as a character and the other protagonists. I think a lot of people can relate to Cassie, or maybe learn from her. She is extremely wise and I found myself storing what she said in my head for future quotes. I especially liked when she said, ‘We can’t keep anyone safe… so we just have to cling onto people when we can’.

Cassie and the other characters in this book, especially Paris and Julie, were very well developed. I almost feel like they could be real people, because they have flaws just like everyone else. They’re all a bit broken in some way, and I like that. I hate when books have very cliche and perfect characters because it affects the person reading them. By having a book with people who aren’t okay but fight through their problems, gives the reader hope.

I would give Whisper to Me 5 stars except for a few teeny things holding me back. Firstly, the title. I feel like it does relate to a lot of aspects of Cassie and can be seen as quite clever if you look at it through that perspective. But, I also feel like it could be improved upon. Secondly, the cover and the blurb. The cover, in my opinion, lets the book down a bit. Of course it looks pretty, but it doesn’t relate to the book at all. Whisper to Me contains a lot of gritty issues and I think that needs to be seen in the cover. To me when I picked it up, I thought it would be a YA romance. But Whisper to Me is so much more than ‘the most screwed-up love letter ever’, which is why I’m not giving it a five star. Instead, I think a four should do it!

Whisper to Me was fast paced and heart-racing – I never quite knew what was going to happen next. Although a long read, I became almost attached to the characters, and I must admit, a bit emotional towards the end. A book I won’t forget for a long time.

~The Sweet Review

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How to sort your bookshelf like a pro | The Sweet Review


Hello all! I hope you’re having a lovely day:)

So today I thought I’d put a little post together for you all. I know a lot of people struggle with making their bookshelf look good, or even choosing the bookshelf itself and making it match your room.

But fear no more!

I have all the answers to your questions, just keep on reading.

First of all, you need to have a bookshelf to be able to put your books in. I know that seems the most obvious thing, but it’s true! A while ago, I moved in to a flat and didn’t have time to think about the layout of my room. And eight months later, I still haven’t achieved my dream room layout. But, I do have a lovely little bookshelf that sits in the corner of my room. It’s more like a book-cabinet (that’s probably not a thing but now it is).

BeFunky Collage.jpg

In the summer, when I rejuvenate my room with the money I’ve saved, I am going to have  three shelves above my bed. This will give me more space for my endless supply of books and will fit in better with my room as a whole.

So as you can see there are lots of different types of bookshelves to buy, and even to make, if you’re into DIY. And once you’ve got your bookshelf sorted, the next step is to sort out your books.

There are a number of ways you can do this which I went through when sorting out my bookshelf. I used YouTube to help me sort out my books and I also came up with a few myself:

  1. Colour-coding – the ultimate art of sorting your books to make them look beautiful. It’s not the most sensible way to do things but it’s DEFINITELY the prettiest! My bookshelf at the moment is sorted using this method, going from white to red on the first shelf, then red to turquoise on the next and on the last shelf it goes through the colours purple, blue and black.  
  2. Author’s name – this is the pretty simple way to sort out your books – by the name of the author. You can base it on their first name but it’s typically done using their second name.
  3. Series and singulars – yes, I made up this name. I call this series and singulars because it consists of the books sorted into either series or single ‘one-offs’. With practise, you could make this quite pretty by adding little touches, such as themed bookmarks or Pop Vinyl figures. This one does take a lot of effort, which is why I haven’t done this method, but it IS very rewarding!

And there you have it! Of course there are many more ways to sort out your bookshelf but the three I mentioned are my personal faves. However, putting aside methods and all that malarkey, the best way to have a nice bookshelf is to have nice books! When sorting out your bookshelf, think to yourself, do I really need this book? Will I want to read it again? And by doing this, you will easily be able to get rid of books you don’t need. I must have given more than twenty books to charity, and now my bookshelf displays only the best!

I’m glad I sorted out my bookshelf – it was about time! And if you have piles of books lying everywhere like I did, it’s about time to sort yours out too.

I hope these little tips help!

~ The Sweet Review

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Book give-away! | The Sweet Review


Hi everyone!

A while back I made a review on Flawed by Cecilia Ahern (you can read my review for it here) and recently I received a hardback copy of the book from the publishers! I can’t tell you how excited I was when I got it in the post – it just looked SO beautiful! I have been waiting for a chance to do a give-away on my blog but all of my books are second hand. And as soon as I got this book I knew I should definitely do a give-away on it.

So, in celebration of 150 followers on thesweetreview, I am hosting a give-away for the book Flawed by Cecilia Ahern. 

The book is new and in good condition. It is a hardback copy of the book Flawed that came out recently. In one sentence, Flawed is a thrilling YA novel that tackles the issues of society. For more information click on the link above for the review I made for it a few months ago.image

Anyone can enter! You don’t have to be on WordPress, as long as you have an email you can enter.
The give-away lasts until the end of the month (May 31st 12 GMT) – any entries after that will not be included.
You can only enter once. I don’t want this give-away to be complicated since I haven’t hosted one before, so only one entry please!

How to enter:image
-Comment under this post and this post only to enter my book give-away. As I said before, as long as you have an email you can comment and enter, you don’t have to be on WordPress.
Comment your email I can contact you by.

On the 31st of May, I will put all the names of the people who entered in a hat. I will then pick a person at random and the person who is chosen will win the give-away!

If you are the winner, I will contact you by email to get your address.image

If you are interested please join in, it will be really fun and you might just get a free book by the end of it:)

Feel free to repost this to get people involved, and you can also use the tag #thesweetreviewgiveaway if you want to make your own separate post about this.

~The Sweet Review
P.s If you have any questions please ask:)

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Gosh – 150?! | The Sweet Review

BeFunky Design

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all having a great day:)

So, a couple of days ago I realised I had 150 followers on WordPress! That’s insane! I now have 156 lovely people following my blog, and yes, I know only a small amount of that number read my posts, but you know what? That doesn’t matter. I’m happy because it shows how far this blog has come, and it’s another little milestone I’ve reached.

I’m very glad that I started this blog, nearly five years ago, because it’s become a huge part of my life that I would never take away for anything. I was thinking of thanking specific people but being forgetful me, I’ve decided not to. But instead, I just thought I’d say: THANK YOU! Thank you for reading my posts and making my day with your lovely comments, both on here AND on Instagram.

Speaking of Instagram, I’ve nearly reached 150 followers over there as well. I know a few people discovered me and my blog through my Instagram, so thank you to those people:) and vice versa, you may have discovered my Instagram through my blog. My Instagram is merely a backup of my blog, however I do spend a lot of time and effort into taking the photos. So do head on over there and have a little look!

Once again, thank you so much to all of you who have supported me these past five (nearly) years – here’s to many more!

~ The Sweet Review

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I’ve returned from under my rock…


Hello all!

It has been a while since I last uploaded – I am now well underway with revision for some important exams. My first ones start tomorrow, which is slightly terrifying, but hey ho! I’ve been working hard and that’s all you can do for exams, as well as not get stressed. And surprisingly I’m not that nervous; which is unusual, but I think its because I’ve prepared for these exams quite well.

Another reason for being quite inactive, is because I’ve been planning a lot. Brainstorming ideas, getting inspiration, all for the summer holidays.

Let’s just say big things are coming for thesweetreview.

And I think its time to tell you what I’ve been planning for.

I have decided to make a YouTube channel for The Sweet Review! How exciting is that! The idea of YouTube has been in my mind for a little while now, and I’ve come to the conclusion that – along with a bad quality camera and absolutely no experience in editing videos – it could, possibly happen!

I will be creating my channel in the summer holidays, but because I know how long good videos take to make, the videos will be uploaded once a week (starting in September onwards). The videos will obviously be based on books, and I will try to vary the content between the channel and my blog.

My reasons for doing this and turning the ideas into reality, is firstly and mainly, for fun. It will be a bore sometimes to edit videos, but I feel like I really could get into it. It would give me another platform to connect with other bookworms, and I’m hoping it will mean more people can check out my blog!

I think I’ve said all that needs to be said for now, but other updates will be given nearer the time.

Ahhh I’m so excited!!

I hope you’ve all had a great day so far,

~ The Sweet Review
PS. If you have any questions that I haven’t covered, please comment below!

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Kook by Chris Rick – A review


‘Jade got me in trouble from day one.’

Sam knows nothing other than living in London- his only memories of the coast were from a long time ago. Fifteen years old and barely in trouble ever, Sam hated even the idea of moving to the coast – but once there, things happen. Extraordinary things. Like for one, Jade. Once in love with her, he knew he could never turn back to the life he once had.

So. When picking up Kook, I was impressed with the cover, but the words, ‘A boy. A girl. And the wave that sweeps them away’. imprinted on the front put me off – just because it sounded so cliché. When I’m looking for a book, I’m looking for something different, something a bit unique, and though the blurb and quote at the front is gripping, it sounded similar to a lot of stories I have read.


After reading the first chapter, I realised that it wasn’t going to be a cliché teenage romance. I was hooked, and stayed up a bit later and woke up a bit earlier to read ‘just one more page!’. I really did like the relationship between Jade and Sam because there were complications which kept them apart – of course that frustrated me at times but in a good way!

On the surface, anyone can see that this book is essentially about love and loss, and how the two are closer linked than you think. If you delve a bit deeper, you can see that Kook isn’t just about surfing, but also about facing your fears. I especially love the message that ran through it, ‘Fear makes the wolf look bigger’. You know you’ve found a good book when certain quotes stay with you, and Kook did just that.

The age range for this book is 13+ and I agree – I don’t think anyone younger than 13 should read it. Teenagers and young adults would appreciate it the most because I could relate to a lot of the situations that the main characters were in.

Just because it was difficult to get into, I’m giving Kook 8/10. But Vick’s writing really drew me in and after reading, I really wanted to start surfing! His descriptions of Sam and the rest on their boards was fantastic – it was like I was there surfing myself.

~ The Sweet Review

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Guest post!

My brother made a review of the book Five Hundred Miles by Kevin Brooks so I thought I should post it here for some of you younger readers to look up!

‘Imagine a back street outside a breaker’s yard in East London on a damp October morning.’

I think this is an amazing book which keeps the reader on the edge of their seat all the way through. The plot is quite gripping and the tension builds up from when they are in the bar to their drive to Scotland. My favourite character is Rubin because even though he is young, he seems to be mysterious. In the bar scene, I found the gangsters funny and amusing but they were also frightening. A strange girl who looks like their dead sister walks into the bar. The gangsters were harassing a monkey and she felt it was not right. When the two boys interfered, it led them on to a dangerous adventure. I would rate this book five star as I was very interested in the story. The age range is around 12 years plus (although the reading level is lower).

~ The Sweet Review

ps Sorry for not posting as much, two more reviews should be up as soon as possible, and I will create a new page for the Reading Log of 2015.